How to Solve the Crimes

The Sports Winner, 23

Date Posted: June 25th, 2018, 12:53 am
Continuing to be color happy and refusing to apologize for it

Author Notes

YYYYY asi se termina el capítulo!

Thanks for following this comic y'all, it's a silly thing but I really do enjoy making this :)

That said, Mavis'll taking a bit of a break for the next month or so for personal reasons (moving, starting new job, etc). Already have most of chapter 3 written and I'm really itching to get started on it once I'm back :D

Take care!


Thank you for writing this! It's great!
This bizarre little world you've created is wonderful. Great colors, funny dialogue; y tambien hablas espanol? Yeah you've got one more fan.
@awsmith: OH THANK :D

Glad you enjoyed it, it's a ball to make! And yeah, a mixture of studies, friends and being somewhat well traveled me ha enseñado un poquito.
A beautiful friendship has been born.